Coprimi Inspiration

Coprimi in Italian means “Cover me”. My vision for this unique approach to bedding was to create a roll out and ready to use bedding set that would “cover me” with simplicity, style and elegance.

My inspiration for Coprimi bedding starts in an airplane. For several years I worked as a corporate flight attendant. Our task of setting up the beds was very awkward and really time consuming.  Each time I struggled with this time laborious task, I thought there has to be a no fuss, more efficient way to do this. That experience inspired me to design and make an elegant solution— all-in-one bedding that was super easy to simply roll out and ready to use!

I am very excited to offer my unique bedding design—the Coprimi all-in-one bedding set.

About the All-In-One Bedding Set

The Coprimi all-in-one set is comprised of an outer duvet cover, a slip-in comforter and sheet inserts that button and snap together— keeping all in place when in use and when rolled up. The set simply rolls out, ready to use on mattress, couch or anywhere really. Coprimi all-In-one bedding set come in a variety of fabrics and hand made prints. To launder, simply unsnap and unbutton the sheet insert and wash or replace. The fabrics are pre-washed, machine washable, all natural fabrics, 100% cotton 100% linen, and the comporter is filled with down and feathers. The Coprimi bedding is perfect for, corporate jets, tiny homes, guest rooms, dorms, travelers, airbnb and sleeping lofts.

Coprimi bedding is expertly designed and carefully handmade by Lindsey Minghi at her design studio in a lovely historical brick building in the heart of Petaluma California. An expert in slip cover design, she has been designing and sewing since she can remember and continues to come up with inspired design concepts like the Coprimi All-In-One set..

The Coprimi “ready to roll out” bedding set includes: Bottom and top duvet cover, comforter insert, and top and bottom sheet insert.

About Lindsey & Love of Sewing

“As a child, I was brought up in the bush of South Africa. In our home my mother had a hand cranked manual Singer sewing machine. Occasionally our family moved—and I still remember how the beautiful black machine would be carried from town to town, balanced on the heads of the movers like a crown. My mother used that Singer sewing machine to lovingly make many of our families clothes. She eventually gave that well used and beloved machine to me. Using that hand cranked machine, I started making doll clothes as a young girl. I just never stopped loving the whole experience of designing, selecting beautiful fabric and sewing. Today, that antique Singer sewing machine, long retired, greets me each time I begin work in my studio.”