Perfect for that extra guest, no fussing around looking for that extra bedding. Just roll out Coprimi and you’re done.

“Coprimi in Italian means Cover Me. My vision for this unique approach to bedding was to create a roll out and ready-to-use bedding set that would ‘cover me’ with simplicity, style and elegance."

- Linsday Minghi, Bedding Designer

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Coprimi Bedding Sets

THE FULL COPRIMI all-in-one set: 85" Long X 53" Wide
THE SINGLE COPRIMI all-in-one set: 85" Long X 40" Wide


Comes with duvet cover, slip in comforter and sheet Insert that buttons and snaps in place, keeping all in place when in use and all roll up. The set simply rolls out, ready to use on a mattress, or couch or anywhere you choose. Coprimi all-in-one bedding set comes in a variety of fabrics and hand made prints. To launder, simply unsnap and unbutton the sheet insert and wash (or replace with new sheet insert). The fabrics are pre-washed, machine washable, all natural fabric—100% light weight cotton and 100% light weight linen.


I love Coprimi! Everything about it is quality. It is so handy to have an all-in-one solution for bedding and it exceeded my expectations. I’m kind of picky about my bedding and about how fabrics feel on my skin. When I go to a hotel, I am like Goldilocks—the bedding has to be just right. Well, Coprimi is more comfortable than my own bedding. I loved how roomy it felt, the side access was nice and large, so there was no struggling to get into a too-narrow opening. The fabrics felt amazing. The buttons and pillowcase trim and details were lovely. But, the comfort surpassed everything. I guess you could say this bedding passed the Goldilocks test. Now I have bedding to offer house guests that is beautiful, luxurious, practical, and easy to use. No more pulling mismatching blankets, sheets and pillows from the closet. And when we go to our favorite seaside cabin, Coprimi will be the perfect thing to take with us. Thank you!
— Nancy